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support paver online form instructions

Support Paver donations are placed in front of the first and fifth benches. Pavers are reserved for families, businesses, clubs and organizations that wish to show support for the sacrifice and service of veterans. Donations to the Anthem Veterans Memorial are tax deductible under the Anthem Way Foundation and are non-refundable.

Support pavers must:

  • Have a maximum of two lines of text (no messages);
  • Include no more than 23 characters (including spaces) per line;
  • Only include names of family, business or organization (please adjust the name to fit the space);
  • Not contain personal messaging.

First line: First names or part of Family, Business or Organization
Second line: Last name of Family, Business or Organization

Two lines will be centered on the paver. You may elect to have only one line.


  • Boy Scout Troop 230
  • John W Doe Family
  • VFW Post 11111
    Glendale, AZ
  • Boulder Creek HS
    Class of 2014

For assistance with this form: 623-742-6050. 

support paver form

Paver Information

Line One (first name):*
First names of family or initials, part of business or organization name. Please adjust name to fit the allotted space (23 characters).

Line Two (last name):
Last name of family, business or organization name. Please adjust name to fit the allotted space (23 characters).

Contact Information





Zip Code:*

Phone (used only for questions):*

Email (used for questions and ACC/AVM news updates):*

IMPORTANT: Before submitting this form, verify that all information is correct. Once submitted this information cannot be changed.