Turf Maintenance Schedule

maintenance philosophy

Part of keeping the fields and playing surfaces looking their best involves short-term closures to re-sod and repair fields from heavy use, and to aerate the soil to promote healthy turf. Some fields are also closed for overseeding in the fall.

In developing the schedule, ACC staff and the community's landscape contractor, DLC Resources, consider seasonal turf maintenance needs, weather conditions and the timing of sports in an effort to keep field closures to a minimal. However, due to the growth of sports programs and the high demand for field space, some inconveniences are unavoidable in order to maintain high-quality fields.

The ACC thanks all sports organizations and participants for their cooperation. All dates subject to change. Special events in Community Park will limit field use. 

2020 dates

Community Park (upper park) will be closed Sept. 14-Oct. 16 for overseeding; this includes ALL ramadas.
Soccer Fields 1-2 will be closed Sept. 14-Oct. 16 for overseeding.
Pickleball Courts common areas will be closed Sept. 14- Oct. 16 for overseeding.
Community Center north grass and kids area will be closed Sept. 14-Oct. 16 for overseeding.
Liberty Bell Park common areas will be closed Sept. 21-Oct. 23 for overseeding.
Civic Building common areas will be closed Sept. 21-Oct. 23 for overseeding.
Hastings Field and the ramada will be closed Sept. 21-Oct. 23 for overseeding.