Fire Safety

importance of a fire-safe community

For the safety of our residents and nearby natural areas, we are committed to maintaining a fire-safe community utilizing Firewise USA philosophy and tips. The ACC works in collaboration with Daisy Mountain Fire to take measures to eliminate fire hazards and educate the community about how they can help.

Some of the most important ways that we work to eliminate fire hazards include weed control in common area washes, brush clearance behind block wallks and view fences, and educating the community about fire safety throughout the year. Residents are enouraged to trim back trees and vegetation that hang over walls and view fences bordering the washes. This is critically important to protect homes in the event of a brush fire in the wash, as back yards serve as a fire buffer. More than 15 miles of manmade trails that wind through the community in natural areas also help to act as natural fire buffers.    

The Anthem community is proud to take ownership and responsibility for being fire safe. Each year, we celebrate this by hosting the Bureau of Land Management fire and safety trailer during the annual Autumnfest event in October. With help from Smokey Bear, we use educational materials, videos and activities to promote fire safety. Topics include wildfire reduction, ways to fight fires, education about fire emergencies and more. 

Read more about holiday safety and the "12 Days of Firewise."

 fire-safe community benefits
  • Creating defensible space that prevents fires from advancing and endangering homes and lives;
  • Improved property values while reducing risk of loss;
  • Maintaining strong community relationships with local fire response staff;
  • Encourages good neighbors - the more homes within a community that adopt fire-safe practices, the greater the impact on reducing the heat and speed of the fire; and
  • Offers peace of mind  that a home is prepared to survive a wildfire in the event one should occur.

fire-safe resources