Block Captains


block watch program

The block watch concept, which is really just neighbors helping neighbors keep watch on their surroundings, is at the core of Anthem Neighborhood Watch. Once a block captain is assigned and attends a training session, a "warning" sign is installed on a light pole at the neighborhood entrance, alerting others that neighbors are informed and alert.

block captains

Block captains are encouraged to host neighborhood gatherings about once a year to encourage neighbors to know and watch out for each other, especially as homes have sold and new neighbors have moved in. In general, being a block captain takes about an hour a month, but means a great deal to the safety and security of the community. Some of the duties of a block captain may include:

  • Communicate with neighbors about crime prevention tips and any current crime activity;
  • Encourage neighbors to quickly report suspicious activity to law enforcement;
  • Welcome new residents to the neighborhood; and
  • Participate in community activities such as Anthem Days, Autumnfest and G.A.I.N. 

neighborhood captains

As an expansion of the block watch, neighborhood captains work with block captains to ensure that they have any new information and to pass along any concerns or requests to the ANW executive committee. There are several blocks within a neighborhood, and 100 neighborhoods throughout Anthem.

Learn more about the block watch program or sign up to be a block or neighborhood captain. Send an email to