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arizona corporation commission

Water Rate Case
EPCOR filed a new water (not wastewater) rate case with the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2017. This has to do with water rates only and is completely separate from the wastewater case (resulting in consolidation of the districts and ultimately, lower wastewater rates for most of Anthem ratepayers). Two possible resolutions to the case proposed were:

  • Option 1: EPCOR’s 11 water districts would stay as they are now. Stand-alone rates would be higher for Anthem residents than they are now (about $28/month based on 7,000 gallons used).
  • Option 2: Consolidate the 11 districts into one district (which mirrors the wastewater case result). Consolidated rates would be lower, eventually. Initially, rates would increase before coming down over a five-year phase in. Ultimately, rates would be about $8/month less for Anthem ratepayers than they are now.

On Jan. 25, 2019, the Commission ended the case with no resolution after a 2-2 deadlocked vote. Therefore, EPCOR must file an application for interim rates, which could take effect by the end of March 2019, or be backdated to as early as February 1. Those interim rates, if passed, would remain in effect until such a time as EPCOR files an entirely new rate case. That process could take 12-24 months to resolve, based on the timeline of the 2017-2018 case.

On February 20-21, 2019, the Administrative Law Judge heard the interim rate case. She will issue a recommendation no later than March 14. The Commission is scheduled to hear and vote on the case on March 28, 2019.

The ACC is intervening in the case on behalf of Anthem residents. With questions, residents may contact EPCOR directly at 1-800-383-0834 or

View the interim rate case docket.

Wastewater Case
From 2012-2017, the Anthem Community Council appointed individuals to intervene on behalf of the Anthem community before the Arizona Corporation Commission, in order to determine wastewater districts and rates. The Commission voted to consolidate the five wastewater districts in June 2017. As a result, there is a five-year phased-in reduction of rates that began July 1, 2017. Read more about the case.

System Improvements Benefit
EPCOR has filed a System Improvements Benefit (SIB) proposal, as expected and outlined in the case resolution. The SIB would tack on a monthly surcharge for wastewater service to all EPCOR customers, including east-side Anthem residents (west-side residents are served by the City of Phoenix).

The proposed SIB surcharge, a concept that was built into the consolidation plan, starts at 41 cents a month the first year and grows to $2.43 cents a month after five years. It would fund “routine infrastructure improvement work, like repairing and replacing old manholes and pipes,” said company spokesperson Rebecca Stenholm. It is a “multi-year capital-investment program focused on maintenance, repairs and replacements in the [wastewater] collection systems.”

The changes would affect only the wastewater portion of a bill, not the water portion.

Submit Public Comment
Go to Under “I want to…” choose “Submit A Public Comment.” Enter Docket No. WS-01303A-16-0145.

Arizona Public Service (APS)
A case filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission (AzCC) June 1, 2016 would increase APS’ revenue by $166 million annually, money that would largely go toward maintaining and modernizing power plants and the grid, the utility said in a statement. Most of the increase will come from residential, not commercial customers. APS’ rates have increased 1.6 percent per year, on average, the past 20 years. Meanwhile, incentives for rooftop solar installations will be significantly lower. View the docket. Use the APS "Saver Choice" tool to change your service plan for the most savings under the new options.

Contact the Corporation Commission.

department of transportation (MCDOT)

Active Transportation Plan

MCDOT's Active Transportation Plan (ATP) will focus on walking and bicycling, including connectivity between modes (including vehicles and transit) on County roadways. MCDOT's goal is to plan a transportation system that provides multiple alternatives for travel.  View the plan and provide input.

Transportation System Plan
MCDOT finalized the Transportation System Plan (TSP) 2035. The TSP is a blueprint for long-range projects addressing needs of Maricopa County.  Learn more about the TSP 2035  and read the final TSP 2035 report.

View the ADA Transition Plan.

maricopa county/city of phoenix

City of Phoenix Water
The City of Phoenix Water Services Department is recommending a 6 percent water rate increase in 2019 and a 6 percent water rate increase in 2020. There is no proposed sewer rate increase. This rate roughly translates into a monthly increase of $2.35 in 2019 and an additional monthly increase of $2.29 in 2020 for the average residential water customer. This impacts Anthem residents west of I-17.

Phoenix water rates contain an “allowance” of water that is included each month in the fixed charge. For those that keep their water consumption within this allowance, average monthly bills will increase by approximately $1 per month in 2019 and by an additional 75¢ per month in 2020. 

The new rates go into effect March 4, 2019. Interested residents can get information online or email

Canine Hiking Ban

The City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board prohibits dogs on trails when the temperature reaches 100 degrees or higher. The City of Phoenix also banned all dogs from Camelback Mountain, regardless of temperatures. Violators may be cited with penalties up to $2,500 and jail time.

2030 Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan covers four primary areas - land use, transportation, environmental and economic development. The document contains very broad goals and policies in relation to each of the four sections and “seeks to create strong and vibrant communities within Maricopa County by encouraging orderly development while creating a healthy environment and a healthy economy.” The plan’s elements reflect the character of the county’s population, while the policies and implementation tools guide future land use and transportation decisions.

Provide feedback via email or phone at 602-506-3301

Daisy Mountain Area Plan
An update to the Daisy Mountain Area Plan (formerly known as the New River Area Plan) helps guide future growth in the north-central part of unincorporated Maricopa County, where Anthem is located. View the New River Area Plan Update (Daisy Mountain Area Plan).

Vision 2025
In October 2015, the Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) released "Vision 2025: Arizona Comes of Age," a report that challenges both citizens and leaders to transform what CFA has learned about "who we are" as a state into an action plan designed to achieve the goals of all Arizonans. Download the report.

pipe leak litigation

Read more about this caseView the terms of settlement.

On Dec. 28, 2007, a complaint was filed by Joan Kirsch v. Del Webb Coventry Homes, Inc. and Pulte Home Corporation CV2007-023536 that was subsequently certified as a Class Action based upon a construction defect known as Thermal Galvanic Corrosion (TGC), a water leak caused by an electro-chemical reaction affecting underground copper water pipes. Over time, TGC will cause small pinhole sized leaks in un-sleeved, underground hot water pipes. On Aug. 28, 2014, the settlement for a leak under the slab established an administrator to file a claim and the terms.  

The goal of the Class Action was to enable homeowners to repair their homes with no out-of-pocket expenses. The original Class included 3,331 houses in Anthem. 760 houses sold after Feb. 2, 2010 were dismissed from the Class, then 632 houses that do not have any under-slab copper piping or have had the under-slab piping abandoned and replaced with PEX piping were dismissed from the Class.

Anthem residents suspecting to have an under the slab copper pipe leak should contact legal counsel at 480-733-6800. An inspector will be sent out at no charge to confirm a potential leak.

NOTE: The Anthem Community Council is not involved with, nor is it a party to this Class Action. This data is provided for informational purposes only.