Are you ready for an emergency?

How lucky are we that emergency management is rarely necessary in Anthem? Yet when an emergency does occur, it is important to be as prepared and connected as possible. Most of the time, knowing your neighbors, installing home watch systems or taking common sense precautions to secure your home and family are enough to address minor emergencies. Should that necessity arise, however, there are critical factors involved in communication to first responders.

The 911 Ws
Calling in an emergency can be the ultimate stressful conversation, but if you are in a situation that demands it, stay calm and try to remember the basic W’s:

  • What happened? Describe in as much detail as you can the incident that has prompted the call.
  • Who was involved? Depending on the incident, whether it is an accident or a crime, describe the people, cars, weapons or other specifics.
  • Where did it happen? Responders need to know exactly where the emergency occurred and if it is still in progress.
  • Who are you? Give your name, location and phone number. You can remain anonymous; your name will be redacted from public records of the incident.

Reverse 911
You may be traveling or on the job, but you still may need to know if emergencies are happening in or around Anthem. A reverse 911 system makes that a bit easier in Arizona. Known as the Community Emergency Notification System (CENS), reverse 911 helps those managing a disaster to send alerts and warnings.

The CENS is a robo-call voice message system that automatically dials landlines in the area of an active scene. If you do not have a landline or are out of the area, you can register your mobile phone for a call or text. Visit to set it up.

On behalf of Anthem Neighborhood Watch, best wishes for a safe summer.