volunteering in your community

Research shows that residents who serve as volunteers in their community are the most likely to stay long-term. Multiple volunteer options are available to homeowners.

board of directors

The call for candidates to serve on the ACCCA Board of Directors takes place in January of each year. Any interested candidates should contact the staff to learn about Board roles and requirements.


The ACCCA has four (4) committees/work groups, composed of volunteer homeowners, supporting the Board of Directors. Each committee follows a charter. Committees also prepare recommendations, reports and presentations for Board meetings. Committees vary in size from three to nine full-time homeowners and one non-voting Board Director liaison.

All interested candidates should apply, regardless of experience. To volunteer to serve one of the Committees, complete the Volunteer Application.

neighborhood watch

Neighbors are the first line of defense in reducing crimes of opportunity and creating safe communities. Anthem Neighborhood Watch (ANW) includes a neighborhood watch program for each neighborhood in Anthem, including those within the Country Club community.

The goal is to have a block and/or neighborhood captain for each of the 32 neighborhoods in the Country Club community. Contact Anthem Neighborhood Watch to learn more about ANW roles and responsibilities or to volunteer to serve as a neighborhood or block captain.