Gate Entry

controlled access community

The Country Club gates are meant to control vehicle access into the community, not to secure the community. Gate personnel monitor gates to make sure that only authorized vehicles enter. Do not call the Main Gate for emergencies or situations that require law enforcement. Call 911 or the MCSO non-emergency line, 602-876-1011.

Residents are responsible for the actions of anyone that they authorize to enter the community (including vendors/contractors). It is up to the resident to make sure their entrants follow all community rules and regulations. This means that the residents are responsible for the payment of speeding and parking fines incurred by their authorized entrants.

transponders for residents

A transponder is a small sticker that attaches to your headlight and allows entry to all four gates in the Country Club community. Download Gate Transponder Application.

  • To purchase a transponder, residency must be verified. Homeowners are required to notify the ACCCA when a tenant moves out and when a new tenant moves in. If the staff is not aware of residency, transponder installation could be delayed.
  • Transponders can only be purchased at the ACCCA office, located on the second floor of the Anthem Civic Building, 3701 W. Anthem Way.
  • Cost is $25 each and may be paid for by credit card, check or money order. Once the application and payment are received, staff will verify residency and provide you with a receipt for transponder installation.
  • Transponders are installed at the Main Gate seven (7) days a week from 6 a.m.–2 p.m. or at the Anthem Civic Building, Monday–Thursday from 9–noon and 1-4:30 p.m. and Friday from 9-noon and 1-3 p.m. excluding holidays. You must bring your receipt to the Main Gate for installation.

Transponders are unique to the vehicle they are registered to. They cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another and removing your transponder will damage it.

transponders for vendors/contractors

  • Vendors/Contractors with their own transponders are responsible for their own actions, removing the resident's liability. Residents are encouraged to ask their vendors or home services personnel (pool, landscape, house cleaning, etc.) to purchase transponders through the ACCCA. 
  • To apply for a transponder, vendors/contractors must provide five (5) references from Country Club residents.
  • Vendor entry hours are Monday–Saturday from 7 a.m.–5 p.m. There are no vendor hours on Sundays or holidays.

Vendor/Contractor applications must be renewed every year.


Only authorized drivers can enter through the gate, and you must be specific about the delivery information.  UPS Delivery and Fed-Ex Delivery are examples of delivery entries. Amazon uses outside contractors that don’t always have identifying vehicles, uniforms or badges, so it is important to enter Amazon Delivery, as well. In addition, if you are expecting a package from Amazon and it will arrive via UPS, you must add UPS as an authorized guest. Provide the name of the delivery company as it appears on the truck (this includes acronyms). If a delivery company is not added to your list, the gate staff will contact you twice by the preferred method of contact indicated in your profile. If the staff cannot reach you, the driver will be turned away.

guest entry and

To authorize guests and vendors/contractors use or the GateAccess App. It is important to maintain your GateAccess account by updating contact information, even if you do not use a transponder for your personal vehicle. Access GateAccess tutorial documents are in the ACCCA Document Center.

If you cannot access a computer or the phone app, call the Main Gate at 623-465-4742 and the automated system will answer. If you are not calling from one of the primary phone numbers listed in your account, you must provide your assigned pin number (found in the upper right corner of your account). 

With additional questions contact Community Access Coordinator Nick Galaviz,, 623-374-2019.