funds explanation

The ACC has three major funds: the Enhancement Fund, Reserve Fund and Operating Fund.

  • The Operating Fund is funded through homeowner and commercial assessments and program fee revenues, and supports the services and operations provided by the ACC.

  • The Reserve Fund is the “savings account,” which provides for the repair and replacement of major common assets. As Anthem ages, the pressure on the Reserve Fund grows to keep pace with needed repairs and maintenance. Maintaining a strong reserve is necessary for community safety, as well as maintaining overall community appeal and property values.

  • The Enhancement Fund, which was established through the governing documents, is based on ¼-of-1% of the sale price of each resold property. These funds are used to build new recreation projects (like the Pickleball Courts and Dog Park) or enhance current amenities (like the expansion to the Community Center).

Financial Reports and Audits are available in the Council Document Center


Each year, the ACC Board of Directors works together with the volunteer committees and staff to determine the level of funding needed to continue to offer high-quality programs and services. The ACC Board and staff must keep in mind how to keep our parks and buildings top-notch, consider what will need to be improved or replaced, and the tools they will need to make it all happen.

2024 Budget-in-Brief
2023 Budget-in-Brief
2022 Budget-in-Brief

assessment information

Quarterly assessment payments are due on the 1st of January, April, July and October. All payments received after the first of the month are considered late. A late payment fee of $15 is added to each account if the payment is not received by the ACC by the end of business day on 15th of the month due (or the previous Friday, if the 15th falls on a weekend). Pay your assessments online.

anthem way foundation

The Anthem Way Foundation was formed in 2011 as the charitable arm of the Anthem Community Council. Its primary purpose is to provide for and accept donations for programs and services to maintain and support the Anthem Veterans Memorial.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation, contact the ACC at 623-742-6050.