About the Community Council

purpose of the ACC

Anthem is a master planned community located in Maricopa County, Arizona. The Anthem Community Council, Inc. (ACC or "Council") was created to serve as a unifying entity for the Anthem community. 

The Council is a catalyst for the creation of structures and opportunities both within Anthem and in the surrounding community. It encourages inclusiveness and interaction between and among Anthem residents and endeavors to generate, enhance, and preserve a genuine sense of community and promote a common sense of place. All Owners, through their homeowners' association or directly, pay assessments, fees, and other charges to pay for services and amenities provided by the Council.

  • The Council owns, maintains and offers amenities, services and programs for the use and enjoyment of Anthem property owners and their guests.
  • The Council promotes compliance with community regulations through education and communication programs, and engages in other activities as authorized by the Council documents.
The Council is not and is not intended to be a homeowners’ association, but is a civic league under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code to serve the common good and general welfare of the Anthem community. 

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community partners

The ACC works with nearby communities, schools and businesses to enrich the community.