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Ramada Information

Main Pavilion has electric but no tables or BBQ.
Rate (per hour): $24 resident | $48 non-resident | $60 corporate

Train and Bike Ramadas each have 6 tables (which can hold up to 50 people total), BBQ and electric.
Rates (per hour): $14 resident | $28 non-resident | $40 corporate
Dock, Slide, Apple, Sailboat, Baseball, Picnic and Chair Ramadas each have 1 table (which can hold up to 10 people total), BBQ and electric unless otherwise noted below.
Rates (per hour): $12 resident | $24 non-resident | $28 corporate
Coyote and Quail Ramadas (located at Opportunity Way Park) each have 2 tables (which can hold up to 16 people total), BBQ and no electric. These two ramadas are available for reservations on Saturdays and Sundays only.
Rates (per hour): $14 resident | $28 non-resident | $40 corporate

Which ramada(s) would you like to rent? Check multiple ramadas ONLY if you plan to rent more than one for the same date and time.*
Main Pavilion
Dock (no electric)
Slide (no BBQ)
Apple (no electric)
Sailboat (no electric)
Coyote (located at Opportunity Way Park)
Quail (located at Opportunity Way Park)

Will responsible party (listed above) be at the ramada during the rental time?*
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Checking "I Agree" below indicates that I have read the Facility Use Guidelines and agree to the terms and conditions. Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations will result in additional fees and/or suspension of reservation privileges.

Ramada rentals are intended for personal use only. This rental includes the use of the ramada and enclosed tables and/or electrical outlets and does not include surrounding areas. Sales for personal or business uses are not permitted. Rentals may not exceed number of people allotted for specific ramada. Amplified sound is permitted as long as not disturbing other guests. Additional equipment or supplies are not permitted. All ACC park rules apply to ramada rentals.­­­­

Reservations have priority usage. Reservations must be made 72 hours in advance of the requested date, and are available during normal hours of operation, unless otherwise noted. A two-hour minimum is required. Rentals are not available during ACC-designated events. Rentals that qualify as special events require reservations to be made a minimum of 90 days in advance.

Availability is not guaranteed with submittal of form; only upon payment. A staff member will respond to online reservation requests within 24 hours to verify details. To be eligible for resident rates, party making reservation must be an Anthem resident with an active Community Center membership.

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