Parkside Wall & Fence Painting Schedule

The Anthem Community Council (ACC) is responsible for maintaining the back view fencing and exterior block walls of the Parkside community. Note, fencing/wallks between properties is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain and paint. The following is the approved 2017 painting schedule. This schedule is based on an every seven-year cycle for exterior block walls and five years for iron view fences. Homeowners will receive a notification letter from Premier Painting, either hand-delivered or taped to the garage, ten days prior to fence painting in the applicable neighborhood.

Painters will be inside and outside the back view fence of your property and access the property from the view fence. Landscapers will trim bushes, plants and trees outside the common walls and view fences as necessary. With questions, please contact ACC Parks and Facilities Director Jim Metcalf at The schedule is TENTATIVE and is subject to change.

  Iron View Fence Start Date
Unit 81 Arroyo Grande January 30
Unit 22 The Landing March 6
Unit 25 Splendor March 15
Unit 27 Meadow March 21
Unit 29 Ashton March 24
Unit 31 Pavilion April 3
Unit 33 Sundance April 10
Unit 35 Blossom April 24
Unit 37 Serenade May 1
Unit 39 Encore May 9
Unit 43 Treasure May 22
Unit 45 Larkspur June 5
Unit 47 Clearview June 9
Unit 49 Firelight June 13
Unit 71 Opus June 15
Unit 73 Echo June 20
Unit 75 A Medley June 27
Unit 75 B Medley June 29
Unit 77 Allegro June 29
Unit 101 Paseo July 12