EPCOR water rate case: Impact to Anthem

At a hearing beginning July 17, the Arizona Corporation Commission will hear
EPCOR’s water rate case, with the water company recommending consolidation water rate CPI2of the 11 Arizona water districts. Consolidation of the districts would result in equal rates among the districts. Anthem currently pays the fourth highest rates behind Willow Valley, Tubac and Havasu.

At this time, Anthem residents east of I-17 with 5/8” and 3/4” meters pay $50.91 for 7,000 gallons of water used. The average Anthem ratepayer uses 9,000 gallons. The rate does not include surcharges or wastewater. If the Arizona Corporation Commission’s decision is to consolidate the 11 water districts, new rates will be phased in over a five-year period. In the fifth year, that bill amount for 7,000 gallons will change to $42.22. In year one, the bill will be $78.10; $74.16 in year two; $70.41 in year three; and $61.05 in year four. If the decision is to keep rates at standalone, rates for Anthem will jump to and remain at $78.23 for 7,000 gallons.

The Anthem Community Council has delegated Utilities Panel members to intervene on behalf of Anthem residents. However, it is imperative that EPCOR ratepayers in Anthem file public comments so that the Commissioners hear directly from residents about how you feel about this case and your water rates.

Submit a Public Comment

  1. Visit the Arizona Corporation Commission's public comment page.
  2. In the drop-down menu search near the bottom, type “EPCOR Water Arizona Inc” for the Company Name.
  3. The eDocket number is WS-01303A-17-0257.
  4. The Anthem Community Council recommends your position be “FOR” consolidation, which ultimately will result in lower rates. In the space provided, please share with the Commission how you feel about your water rates, and that Anthem shouldn’t have to continue to shoulder these higher rates.

System Improvements Benefit
As part of the wastewater rate case, which was settled in 2017, EPCOR filed a System Improvements Benefit (SIB), to accelerate future critical infrastructure projects (improvements to systems). The company is seeking $50 million over five years to make these upgrades and repairs, which would result in a 45 cents per month increase (surcharge) to ratepayers’ wastewater rates in the first year after being approved (likely 2019). Rates would increase to $2.43/month over five years. This is separate from the water rate case; however, a SIB also is proposed in the water rate case.

The SIB would fund routine infrastructure improvement work, like repairing and replacing old manholes and pipes in the wastewater system. The changes would affect only the wastewater portion of a bill, not the water portion.

With questions about either topic, contact EPCOR directly at 1-800-383-0834 or email ratecasequestions@epcor.com