Spring weeds can be a nuisance

The spring weed season is in full gear. We know it’s impossible for your yard to ever be completely free of weeds, but the weather is perfect to tackle this minor annoyance in the yard.

Removing weeds
The following are different techniques to remove weeds:

  • Pulling by hand (pull carefully to get the roots);
  • Removing with a hoe; and
  • Using a chemical product.

The most effective method of weed control in your yard is manual removal, as it is the easiest way to remove a small number of weeds. The best time to remove weeds is when the soil is damp and moist. The day after it has rained is a great day for weeding. Damp soils are loose and make it easier to remove them with their roots. Otherwise, you may run the risk of leaving the roots because they are stuck in the soil. If the soil is hard and no rain is forecasted in the next few days, consider hosing down the area with water and let the dirt soak overnight before you start.

To control weeds over a large area, herbicides are often the most efficient tools available. Pre-emergent herbicides can be applied to prevent weeds from germinating. Postemergent herbicides can be applied to kill weeds that are already visible.