Get an early jump on spring cleaning

As we all know, the winter time in Arizona is a bit different than in other parts of the country. While a large part America combats sub-zero temps, ice and snow, we enjoy temps in the 60s and 70s.  

Because of the fantastic Arizona winter, a lot of folks get a jump on spring cleaning. While we all want to get our homes clean and ready for spring, it’s important we don’t cause an inconvenience for fellow residents - or our service providers. Think of it as the Anthem version on “The Golden Rule.”

Painting goes on pretty much year-round, and because of this, paint cans are lurking and need disposed of. However, tossing those paint cans in your trash receptacles for Republic Services or City of Phoenix is not the way to go. Doing so causes spills on sidewalks and roadways that lead to closures for cleanup - a waste of time and resources.

Paint can properly be disposed of during Go Green, a semi-annual event open to all Anthem residents. The next Go Green takes place April 14 at the lower lot of Community Park, 8-11 a.m. Visit the Go Green event page for all the details.

Do you have a question about your trash services, or other issues that arise? Because Anthem is an unincorporated community and not a city, the Anthem Community Council (ACC) does not manage public services in the same manner that a town or city would.  However, our FAQ page is a great resource that can answer many of your questions with just a few clicks, including bulk trash schedules, which are provided to the ACC by service providers including Republic Services and the City of Phoenix.