Facilities Master Plan

facilities master plan re-evaluation

The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) helps to identify and prioritize “quality of life” projects that could be funded, designed and built in the next three years or more. As part of their 2016-17 Work Plan, the Community Planning and Development Committee (CPDC) included a re-evaluation of the FMP. This re-evaluation process will keep the FMP current and take into account the projected Enhancement Fund cash flow, updated demographics, community needs and resident input.

Past FMP and Enhancement Fund projects included the purchase and renovation of the Anthem Civic Building (completed in 2014) and Opportunity Way Park (completed in 2016). View FMP documents.

FMP re-evaluation project update

July 26, 2017
Staff provided an update on the Master Plan projects to the Board, including estimated financial forecasts and proposed project schedules. The Board approved the following proposed schedule as “target dates”:

  • Community Center project: Complete County plan review and the bid process to allow construction to begin in the fall and be completed in first quarter 2018.
  • Pickleball courts: Pre-construction planning to start in the first quarter of 2018, with project completion in the fourth quarter of 2018.
  • Dog park: Pre-construction planning to begin in third quarter of 2018, with project completion in third quarter of 2019.
  • Skate Park expansion: Pre-construction planning to begin in third quarter of 2019, with project completion in second quarter of 2020. Shade structure and benches will be added this fall to the existing Skate Park.

Dates are tentative and subject to detailed design work, County plan review, construction bidding, staffing and funding capacity, etc. View the proposed schedule, as well as alternate schedules presented.

completed FMP re-evaluation phases

May 2016-May 2017
The re-evaluation process started in May of 2016. It included an education campaign on how to submit a project proposal, community input meetings, project proposal presentations to the committee and staff, project evaluations by committee and staff and the presentation of the report to the Board on May 24, 2017.

View FMP report that was presented at the ACC Board Meeting (includes executive summary, site assessments, concept sketches, overhead views and preliminary cost data)