APCA 2017 Board Elections

2017 Combined ACC and APCA Elections

Voting has closed for the 2017 election. The results are as follows:

ACC Board of Directors. There is one open seat on the ACC Board for an APCA representative. This open seat will hold a three-year term. Result: Dino Cotton

APCA Board of Directors. There are two open seats on the APCA Board of Directors. All open seats for the APCA Board will hold two-year terms. Result: Tim Fyke and Sharilyn Miller.

Additional Information. For more information about these open positions, the election process or the duties pertaining to the different Boards, contact mzahn@associatedasset.com or call 623-742-6004. The Election Information and Candidate Application will be mailed in January.

Qualifications and Responsibilities of ACC and APCA Board Members

Election Information and Candidate Declaration Form

Election 2017 Timeline (dates subject to change)

Jan. 10: Official mailing for Call for Candidates, election process and key election information.

Jan. 30: 5 p.m. Deadline to file candidacy using the Candidate Application Form.
APCA staff will take candidate photo upon filing the application form. Photos must be secured by Jan. 30, 5 p.m. deadline or they will not be included in published biographies. 

Feb. 15: Meet the Candidates (for both APCA and ACC elections) at Anthem Civic Building, 6:30 p.m.; ballots/candidate information mailed to residents. 

Feb. 22: Voting begins for electronic and paper ballots. 

March 17: Election closes at 5 p.m. for paper ballots and midnight for electronic voting.

March 20: Ballots counted and election is verified.

March 22: Announce winners of each election who will take their seats at next meeting of each organization.

April: Winners of all elections take seats at respective April Board meetings.


Election 2017 Candidate Profiles for Anthem Community Council

Three Parkside residents are vying for one open seat on the Anthem Community Council (ACC) Board as a Parkside representative. Each candidate running in this election has submitted the following information for your review and consideration. *Candidates are in the order that they appear on the ballot.

Dino CottonDino Cotton

Reason for Running:

As an entrepreneur and business owner myself, I relate directly with our local businesses and seek to strengthen the Anthem economy continuing to make it an attractive place for families, businesses and snowbirds to migrate to, grow within and thrive throughout.


  • Business owner with successful experience growing companies, managing budgets and mentoring wonderful employees.
  • Anthem resident since 2012 and highly active in the community.
  • Powerful skills in negotiation and business development.
  • Founded an Information Technology recruiting firm in 2012 and a Software Development company in 2013.
  • Cutting edge technologist with the understanding of where Anthem needs to be moving into 2020.

Bettye RuffBettye Ruff

Reason for Running:

A little over 12 years ago, I moved to Anthem Parkside and have grown to greatly appreciate this compassionate and diverse community. It is my pleasure to give back to the community by volunteering in its many non-profit organizations. I am now asking for your support to fill the Parkside Representative seat on the Anthem Community Council. I look forward to “Meet the Candidate” night and answering any questions you may have.


  • It has been my honor to serve on the Anthem Parkside Community Association Board of Directors for the past 5 1/2 years.
  • During this time, I have been liaison to the strong Architecture Review Committee that stays abreast of trends in communities such as ours, and the Neighborhood Parks Committee, which continues to make improvements and maintain the parks in Parkside neighborhoods.
  • During my tenure, the board developed a Policy Committee to function at the Board’s direction to research issues that would have implications to Anthem Parkside and its residents.

Frankie RuizFrankie Ruiz

Reason for Running:

I am a strong believer in aligning business relationships that has enabled me to serve the greater good of the community. My involvement and interaction with the different organizations has always empowered me to align great business partnerships to promote and support economic growth in our community and those in the surrounding areas. We are at a crucial time that Anthem is growing and strong leadership is needed to fulfill the mission of the council. I feel as a military veteran and business owner in Anthem, I possess these same qualities needed for this council and make a strong candidate. With my experience with several different boards and memberships in our community, I have already begun building these relationships and created a sense of community for the residents.


  • Veteran and family-owned Anthem Business Owner
  • Member of Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce (2016’s Business Person of the Year Nominee)
  • Member of the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Knights of Columbus (15 years)
  • Board member of the High Desert Little League
  • Two-time co-chairperson for the Daisy Mountain Veterans Parade
  • Philanthropist focusing on Anthem Community, BCHS, Primetime Athletics Flag Football, Drive By Blessings, High Desert Little League and the Arizona Royals Cheerleading, to name several.


Election 2017 Candidate Profiles for APCA Board

Three Parkside residents are vying for the two open seats on the Anthem Parkside Community Association (APCA) Board of Directors. Each candidate running in this election has submitted the following information for your review and consideration. *Candidates are in the order that they appear on the ballot.

Tim FykeTim Fyke

Reason for Running:

I’ve always been involved in Anthem, from the Anthem Community Council, to coaching to various business organizations. Simply put, this community means the world to me.


  • Six years serving the ACC Board
  • Two years as ACC Board President
  • 15 years Parkside resident
  • Anthem Business Owner


Ronald JerichRonald Jerich

Reason for Running:

I provide management experience and extensive Anthem background, which will be invaluable to resolving Parkside Board issues. We must address odors from the water treatment facility, maintain the integrity of our neighborhoods and continually upgrade the appearance of our community… all the while controlling our HOA assessments.


  • Former ACC Director (Board)
  • Anthem resident since 1999
  • Member, Anthem Water Rate Board
  • Member, St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church
  • Retired steel industry executive
  • ACC appointee to neighborhood block parties
  • Worked on Veterans Day Parade
  • Past member, Lions and Kiwanis


Sharilyn MillerSharilyn Miller

Reason for Running:

I have a very good understanding of what our community is about, what the majority of residents want and I know that I can really make a difference. I enjoy working with residents, staff and Board members and feel that being a Board member is a very good way for me to serve my community. 


  • Retired Senior Computer Software Engineer
  • My husband and I have been homeowners in Parkside for 12 years.
  • Served on Anthem Neighborhood Watch as a captain, Neighborhood Parks Committee and counted ballots for Parkside elections.
  • Currently serve on the Policy Committee
  • Currently serve as the Vice Chairman of the Architectural Review Committee and have been a member of this committee for over 10 years
  • Regularly attend Anthem Parkside Board meetings
  • Very familiar with the governing documents of Parkside