ACCCA 2017 Road Maintenance

The 2017 road maintenance and seal coating will take place in the spring (April-May) and fall (September-October). The pre-work will begin the week of April 3, and will be non-disruptive with no closures planned. The full schedule will be posted here, mailed and emailed prior to work commencing. Please review the information carefully. The schedule is subject to change, and all changes will be posted on this page. 

Important Reminders

  • Abide by posted signs, barricades and notifications. Do not move signs or barricades or drive on wet seal coat.  
  • Do not attempt to drive the wrong way at Gates marked "Entrance Only" or "Exit Only."
  • Vehicles must be moved by 6 a.m. the day your section is to be sealed. 
  • Each of the streets scheduled for sealing will be closed for 24 hours (6 a.m.- 6 a.m. the next day, or until traffic control is removed).
  • Remove valuables and lock your vehicle while it is parked on the street. Do not leave your garage door opener in your vehicle overnight.
  • No vehicle may drive on the newly sealed streets during this closure. 
  • Your vehicle may not be moved back to your home/drive until after 6 p.m. or when the barricades are removed. Please plan accordingly. 
  • Foot traffic to your homes will be limitedNo one may walk on the seal coat for EIGHT hours after application. Please adjust your travel plans to and from your house during this period. Walking or driving on the seal will result in voided warranties and cause damage to the seal coat.
  • Homeowners/Violators will be billed for damage they cause on newly sealed surfaces.

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If you need to report any problems or have any concerns, please contact our ACCCA HOA Coordinator at 623-742-6030 or email

Thank you for your cooperation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.